Lg phone turns on but screen is blank

The black screen of death issue is often characterized by a blank screen and unresponsive device. More often than not, the owner would find his phone powered off but when the power key is press and held, the phone remains unresponsive.

The same thing happens when the device is connected to its charger. If your phone is in the list of our supported devices, then go to the troubleshooting page and look for similar problems. Feel free to use our solutions and workarounds. But if you still need our help, then fill up our Android issues questionnaire and hit submit to contact us. Basically, there are only a couple of things you need to do to try and fix this issue with your phone.

Actually, if this problem is indeed due to a firmware crash, then a Forced Restart is all you need to do to fix it. Aside from simulating battery disconnect, all apps, services and core functions will be reloaded. You would know if the method works because the phone boots up and that could be the end of the problem. To address this, try this trick…. This will give your phone enough time to charge its battery, somehow.

Phone works but the screen stays black

After all this and the phone is still not responding or still has a black screen, then the problem could be with the hardware. I hope that our solution would work for you. If there are other things you want to share with us regarding this problem, leave a comment below. We are always open to your problems, questions and suggestions, so feel free to contact us by filling up this form.

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lg phone turns on but screen is blank

Previous Next Sort by votes. Morgan Stepp Honorable. Jul 18, 1 0 10, 0. I have a Verizon 4G Samsung, brand new as of this year, in mint condition. No scratches, cracks, never wet, rarely dropped.

And when it is dropped, it has always worked afterwards. One night, I plug it in to charge, as I always do, and leave it like that for the night. The morning after I get up, take my phone and leave, not bothering to look at my phone just yet.

lg phone turns on but screen is blank

This being part of a morning ritual of sorts.This tutorial is going to help with touch screen problem on Android smartphone and tablet. The problem could be:. Touch screen doesn't respond correctly, for example, when you tap "j", you get "b". Cannot Touch the Screen? Phone touch screen could stop working for many reasons.

Physical damage. The touch screen is broken or damaged. Malicious or performance-draining apps that crash the phone so the touch screen is unresponsive.

Wrong settings. A factory reset could restore the phone to default settings and fix the problem.

Fix LG G2 screen when it goes blank, does not turn on, screen dead

If the touch screen just stops working for no reason, it is probably caused by a software problem. You can refer to the Part 2 for solutions. If you find physical damage on the phone, jump to part 3 about how to fix unresponsive touch screen with physical damage.

If your touch screen doesn't experience any physical damage but suddenly stops respond to your touch, this may be caused by software issues. Before rushing into any other troubleshooting procedure, restart your Android phone or tablet to fix software glitches that may prevent the screen from functioning.

To restart an Android device with the touch screen is not working properly:. Corrupted or troublesome third-party apps could also cause touch screen problem on Android phone or tablet. Under the safe mode, all third-party apps that you download will be disabled. So if the touch screen works well in safe mode, then you should uninstall some of the third-party apps, especially those that were installed recently before the touch screen problem starts.

When you see the Samsung, Nexus, LG or other brand logos, release the power button and hold down the Volume Down button. Release Volume Down button when the device boots up with a Safe mode indicator on the bottom left corner.

If your touch screen just lags or respond incorrectly, you can also try to enter safe mode in this method:. If the touch screen is completely unresponsive, factory resetting the device in Recovery Mode may help. However, this will delete all data in your Android device, including downloaded apps, photos, messages, contacts, etc.

Therefore, use this as the last resort and if possible, have a backup to your Google account beforehand. The steps to enter recovery mode are different for different Android models. Note : If the touch screen is still unresponsive even after a factory reset was performed, please move to the following methods to fix phone screen.First, try holding down your phone's power button for seconds.

This usually restarts a phone. Tip: Battery icons and lights can vary by phone. For your phone's details, contact your device manufacturer. Important: If you don't see a battery icon or red light after you plug in your phone, the issue could be with your screen.

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How To Fix Android Black Screen Of Death Issue

Fix Android issues Device issues Fix an Android device that won't charge or turn on. Has a black or blank screen. Turns on but immediately turns off. Use the charger and cable that came with your phone. To check that the charger and cable are working, try them with another device. Check that the cable is securely connected to the charger and to your phone. Check that there's nothing in your phone's port, like dust or lint. Plug the charger into a wall outlet.

To check that the outlet is working, plug in something else, like a lamp. Check that no accessories, like cases or battery packs, cover your phone's sensors or press its buttons.

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Plug in your phone with a working cable, charger, and outlet, then wait one minute. You can restart right away. If you see a red light, your battery is fully discharged. If the red light is flashing, there isn't enough power to turn on. Charge your phone for at least 30 minutes before restarting. Press the power button for about 30 seconds. Wait about 2 minutes. Learn how.

lg phone turns on but screen is blank

Check that your computer is on and connected to a power source. Wait 10—15 minutes. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds. On your screen, tap Restart. Was this helpful? Yes No.

Phone working but no picture, screen backlight comes on ok

Device issues Free up space Speed up a slow Android device Fix an Android device that won't charge or turn on Fix an Android device that's restarting or crashing Fix an Android device that freezes or won't respond Fix a screen that isn't working right on Android Reset your Android device to factory settings Get manufacturer help for your device Fix Wi-Fi connection problems Fix Bluetooth problems on Android.And then, no matter which button I tried to press, including the power button, this android cell phone just got no response and showed nothing on its black screen.

Does anyone know what has caused such phone black screen of death problems? What should I do to fix such android phone screen black problems? How can I restore the common use of my LG G3 mobile phone? Any help would be appreciated! Have you tried to remove the battery of your LG phone and try to boot it up again? Does that black screen of death issue also come you? Or have you dropped, shocked or hit this LG android phone before such black screen problems happen to you?

Honestly, many android phone users have ever encountered the similar black screen of death issues and found solutions to bring their phone back to life. So, in your case, as long as your phone is not mechanically damaged, you also can restore its common use with success.

Just keep on reading this:. Honestly, after analyzing tons of the related cell phone black screen cases, experts conclude that there are many reasons behind such phone problems. Go read the major ones below: 1.

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Malfunctioned Apps In most cases, people often get such android phone black screen problems when they are playing a game or applying an app. Hence, many people think that such mobile phone problems could be caused by malfunctioned apps. For example, when your opened game is too large, but, the phone gets no enough resources to run it smoothly, the screen of your phone could become black and could not be used any longer.

Of course, it is also possible that your used apps or games do have problems or corrupted anyhow. Android Phone Operating System problems Just like a computer, your LG android phone also is able to get a black screen when the phone operating system is corrupted somehow. When your LG phone android operating system files get deleted or corrupted or, it could be really hard for your phone to run itself effectively as before.

Viruses or Mal-wares And viruses or mal-wares hidden on your LG phone are also able to have a bad impact there and let it work ineffectively. Android phone get corrupted due to sudden dropping or the likes. And, at least, such android phone black screen problems also occurs to people when this LG phone get corrupted seriously after dropping, hitting, shocking or improper extracting, etc.

Overall, hope your actual phone causes behind are not too difficult to deal with. No matter why your Android phone gets black screen issues, here are possible solutions for you to bring your LG phone back to life:. Soft Reset or Reboot your LG smart phone. In actual use, it is always helpful to soft reset or reboot your mobile phone when it get some strange problems, just like your phone screen black problems.

What you are supposed to do is only to long press the phone power button and restart it there. Please Note : In case that you will be stuck in any android phone data loss troubles, power off your LG phone, extract the inserted phone SD card out and save important phone message, song, video, picture and file backups well on other flash drives or USB hard drives.

Of course, if possible, also remove the battery to take chances latter. Reinstall or update android phone applications. If you have got such android phone issues while using a game or application, it could be caused by bad programs. Hence, go check this game or program to see whether it is damaged or outdated anyway. If it is damaged anyhow, go reinstall it, if it is still useful for you.

And, if it is only outdated, you are just supposed to update it soon.Features and Specs include a 3.

lg phone turns on but screen is blank

Are you ready for the Galaxy S20? Here is everything we know so far! What have you done so far to the stock phone. Any and all info will help us to asses the situation.

Nirvana92 Lurker. If i dont have insurance on the phone can i still get it exchanged?? LG Optimus One Forum. Similar Threads - turn screen black. Help Why does my screen display spontaneously turns black then turns back to normal after a while? Replies: 1 Views: Replies: 11 Views: Brad Wood Mar 7, Turn off the lock screen at home?

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Replies: 9 Views: 2, Tags: lg optimus one. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?Android is the most-used mobile operating system in the mobile world.

But not a single android smartphone and are flaws-free. Android Black Screen Of Death is one of the most faced issues by many android users. If you also fall in this group of android users who are facing Android Black Screen Of Death problemread on the below process in order to fix this issue.

Android Black Screen Of Death. F ollow one, test if the problem persists. If yes, then proceed with the next step. I have a buddy that has dropped his phone months ago, it cracked the screen, then last week out of the blue the screen went black. Can this issue be fixed by getting the phone screen replaced? My android was working then I was trying to watch a movie on my fire stick them it went.

Quick double power button to bring up camera. Hold down power button to get power off menu. Touch and hold Power off on menu to get boot to Safe mode. Cubot Note Plus. Whatever Im doing glitches, the screen turns black, and prompted a couple of times and there are green or purple glitches on the screen.

After that, its just black and I can hear text beeps, hear notifications, but no lights and no response…Ive done everything here and to no avail.

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How can I fix my phone?? Galaxy note 4-problems began with occasional freezing screens and rarely a black screen. Wiped cache and did factory reset.

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Freezing screens are no longer but black screen issue happens often now. Ive performed the hold power down for 1,2,and 3 minutes before re-inserting battery. Batteries, I have 2 and both are good. Black screen seems to come about after sitting idle for a bit or after plugging in charger.

A corrupt sd card perhaps? Is it possible to find someone to reinstall the OS from scratch? I do have the new LG now but the 4 in my opinion was the bomb and it is in such mint shape I would hate to waste it. Thank you for taking the time to read this and possible helping me out. I use this LG android only for Spotify. It still has my email on it but is never opened there. I have to update Spotify some.

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